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Wandering through the old town in San Sebastian in search of the next pintxos bar.  Sampling the vast variety of different cuisines in New York City’s neighbourhoods.  Strolling through food markets in Lyon before enjoying lunch at a local bouchon.   

If this is why you travel, welcome to  From trattorias in the back streets of Rome to cooking classes in Tokyo, embark on a global culinary adventure.  Explore our range of diverse destinations with our curated guide to incredible food and drink experiences around the world.

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Are you looking for a hands-on cooking class in the heart of Tuscany, a brewery tour through the craft beer haven of Portland, or a delightful wine tour in the picturesque Bordeaux region ? 

At, we believe that travel is an exploration of the senses, and there’s no better way to immerse yourself in a culture than through its cuisine.

From guided tours through iconic food and beverage destinations, to intimate cooking classes led by local chefs, we aim to help you discover food and drink experiences around the world., where foodie travellers come to play….

Les Halles in Lyon